Flu and pregnancy

Hello everyone, hope your all doing well. Well I’ve woken up today to the flu, everything hurts, even my hair!!! But to top it all off I’m 6 months pregnant so as you can imagine I feel pretty rotten. What I was really wanting to know is do you think I’m at a higher risk of a relapse after this flu or will I be protected in some way because I’m pregnant? I really couldn’t deal with a relapse on top of pregnancy and I’m getting married in 3 weeks then moving house after that so I need to be well!!! Any thoughts greatly appreciated, Lisa xxx


Sorry to hear you have flu’. :frowning:

It’s known that flu’ does confer an additional risk of relapse for some five or six weeks afterwards, whereas pregnancy confers some protection. So with luck, they’ll cancel each other out, and you’ll be at no higher risk than usual.

Purely guessing, though. I doubt you’re going to find many academic papers on this, because of the small sample size available. MS+pregnancy+flu’ can’t be all that common.

I do hope you feel better soon, and that everything works out fine. If you’re going to have flu’, better now than in three weeks, eh? :wink:



Wow Lisa. I think you should adopt a family of orphaned puppies too - you’ve clearly not got enough going on with your life! Sorry you’re feeling poorly. From what I know, you’re less likely to suffer a relapse when pregnant - and if you’ve reached 6 months without one so far then I’d take that as a good sign. I think that if you keep your stress levels as calm as possible (easier said than done, I know) that will be of great benefit. Hopefully the flu will have all passed before your wedding and you’ll have a happy and healthy day! Good Luck with everything and I really hope you feel better soon Jane xx

Ha ha yes, I do have rather a lot going on I’m my loge right now. Thanks both of you for posting xx

That should have said life