Flippin did it-sold my business

going to be having a big ol pint of gin tonight- The lady that wanted to buy my business has said YEShappy2

going to put in a good long day tomorrow and finish off all my orders and shut down the machine on Saturday for the final time

   I thought i would be in a complete panic and be a mess- but i feel totally liberated, going to spend a bit of the money on a weekend away at the downlaod festive, a garden shed/summer house for my soon to be started garden and a push bike for hubby, and each of the kids ( as they are doing a charity bike ride in August for our local branch). and i may buy a bottle of Gin.

    just taken a huge sigh of relief

shame we cant put phot's on here id love to put on picks of my progressing garden and the quilts I make.and would love to see photos of the things you all like to do

have a great evening all

BC xx

WOO HOO!!!!!!!


Enjoy the gin happy2

Karen x

Well done you.  It must be a bitter-sweet moment, but it's a real achievement to be able to take stock, as you have done, see what needs to happen, and make those changes a reality.  You definitely deserve that gin.  Enjoy!



Well done you. onwards and upwards.


New chapter - enjoy the ride, it's surprising what good can be around the corner when you throw off the shackles.

Good luck, Ann

So true, Ann.



Well done you, hope you enjoy this new chapter.


jaki  xx

thanks all

  i though as I got to the last few days id be upset but im feeling really good- just a few hours of work left and i can down tools and relax- had a couple of ideas for my craft stall so looking forward to 'leisurly' doing those and have a couple of quilts i want to finish- garden to do- kids to do nice things with. and all at my own pace-no more deadlines- just cant wait now.

   happy2very smiley girl!!

BC xx

Oh hadnt thought of that- thanks mel will do

BC xx