flank ache

hi all

has anyone ever had pain in their side, below ribs but above hip. i keep getting a dull cramp like pain. doesnt sound like the ms hug to me- going to doctors about this afternoon but worried as it has been going on for a few weeks now

thanks kim


I’ve had pain in that area for about 2 hours per day, just about every day for the last 3 years.

Currently it’s happening at about 1.30am - quite intense. Wakes me up and prevents me getting back to sleep until it subsides.

Talked to GP about it years ago which resulted in trying a succession of different painkillers - none of which worked!!

The only thing that has been any help was an e-book called “Explain Pain” …which increased my understanding of the issue and altered the way I thought about it. NOT a cure, but a big help !!

Perhaps worth discussing with your GP ?