Fizzy Head

Hi everyone

I am not too good at the moment think it may be a relapse, I have got constant headache with a buzzing deep inside my brain. The only thing that helps is Pregabilin but they make me really spaced out so have to limit the dose to evenings. My eyes feel like they are too big for the sockets and I keep getting sudden bolts of pain in my head, really takes my breath they are that bad. Does anyone else suffer similar?


Hi Sue - I’ve not suffered the same symptoms but it does sound like it could be a relapse. Many years ago I had a weird sensation in my head and the only way I could describe it was that it felt like my head was in a washing machine. The first GP I saw did lots of blood tests which were all normal and prescribed a very low dose of steroids which did nothing. I later saw my own GP who precribed a much higher dose which would be normal for a relapse. I then began to improve very quickly. Could you see your GP or contact your ms nurse.