First yearly follow up appt - what happens?

Hi everyone, Well it’s been a whole year since official diagnosis and I have my follow up appointment tomorrow at QAH Portsmouth. I have a new consultant Dr Frankel from Shampton General who has replaced the now retired Dr Turner. I hope he is understanding as I am a tad nervous. What should I expect? Apart from numb,tight feet, a few stumbles, talking rubbish or forgetting what to say, a couple of toilet accidents and leg cramps, I suppose I can’t complain. I will be asking about the new oral meds tho as on rebif since may at 22mcg half dose. I don’t think I can face titration to full dose as I find the jabs painful. Wish me luck and any advice of what to expect is greatly appreciated. Dawn x

I’ve had my dx in April last year and have had a couple of relapses since. When I was given my dx my neuro said he didn’t want to see me for a year (Hoping I wouldn’t need to!) Subsequently have seen him at least three times since!!

I’m curious how did your appt go y/day and was it how you expected it to be?



Hi Freckles, It went really well. We jyst chatted about how I was. I did ask him what his definition of a relapse is because to me it’s a full whammy like a significant thing such as when I lost the use of my leg (first sign to diagnosis). He agreed with me. See, being new and reading what some definitions are on the forum I woyld now be in a constant relapse since last year. Tight feet,stiff legs, fatigue etc. He said we both think alike. It’s not nice but these things are the ms but a relapse is something more serious. I was happy with that and it makes sense to me! My next appt is next year, so all good. I hooe to stay good too. :slight_smile: Dawn x