first viewing

Hi All, we had our first lady to view our house. unfortunately the lady wanted a bath not a shower. We had the bath taken out as l can no longer get in or out, its a nice big shower with a seat . Oh well wait and see what happens. Nice now the weather is a little cooler. Take care all. Regards Jan xxxx

Hi, if I liked a house enough to want to live in it and it didnt have a bath, I would get one put in. No doubt any viewer would try to knock something off the asking price, which would pay for a bath installation.

At one time showers were more popular than baths, the now it seems to be t`other road round now!

Good luck with further viewings…selling a house/moving is such a stressful time.

Are you hoping to move to a more suitable place?

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, yes we are looking to move to a bungalow with a garage as hubby says l then can drive my scooter out we have it in a dustbin shed now hard to get in and out l can not do it by my self so fingers crossed there are not that many about for the price we will get for our house. just been making jam in my bread maker so easy pop in pour out into jar brill. take care. regards Jan xxxx

Jan, jam in the breadmaker? Do elaborate. Steve x

Hi again. Just peeked at your profile to see whereabouts you reside. Are you coastal? I often browse the net just looking round bungalows with a sea view…nice idea! Tell us where you are and i`ll get surfing!

luv Pollx