First relapse after giving birth :0(

Afternoon all,

My beautiful little girl is 17 weeks old today and I am suffering from my first relapse…since giving birth and since dx 2 and half years ago! Just feel so guilty that I have this disease and that I am struggling to look after her this week…thank god she is such a good girl xx I am going to rapid access clinic on Friday and am thinking of asking to start DMDs but then remembered that you have to have had at least 2 relapses within a 2 year period…I am just outside of that time scale…do you think they would still consider me starting? After having my daughter I realised how selfish I was not starting DMDs when first dx… :0( any advice appreciated!

Emma x

I think that is out of date now, about two relapses in two years because there is no reason to wait. You can have Betaferon after a single episode so why not one of the newer ones with even better results? Chuck everything at MS as soon as possible because there is no sense in putting off something that will keep you well for longer.

In the meantime, congratulations on your little one and enjoy these first weeks, they’re so precious. Try not to focus on the MS.

Of course… just a thought… rest is good for MS relapses. That means not doing things like housework or shopping and having all that wonderful new baby time while others do the physical stuff. How perfect is that!!!


Thanks for that Val, didn’t realise the 2 relapses bit…will have a good chat with MS nurse at clinic on Friday…and rest…what’s that then!!! :0)

The two relapse thing is outdated. Have a read of the new ABN guidelines and push for a DMT. Congrats on your new arrival.