First or second line

After eventually seeing the ms consultant (end of August) after being diagnosed June 14th he sent a note to my doctor saying she clearly requires disease modifying treatment and I will make a decision wether to start her on first or 2nd line after I have seen her mr images. Well these were sent over in June when I was diagnosed so very disgusted how long it’s taking. I still haven’t seen a ms nurse. Anyway as I still don’t know what course I’ll be getting anyone know which these entail?

Hi, can you phone our neuro (secretary)? And/or get your GP to cHase it up?

First line at moment are Copaxone or interferon beta of different makes there’s more if you follow the links on this site, Home » What is MS? » Treatments & therapies » Disease modifying drugs.

Thank you, I have phoned MS nurse who said she hasn’t a clue when she can see me as has so many to get through. The doctor has asked me to go back in a month then if still hasn’t heard anything then will chase it. At the moment I am going through a good period so not so worried. I have a friend in my local hospital who is chasing everything for me as is the medical secretary there so is really on the case for me. X