First new symptom in 3 years :(

so since Friday evening I have been experiencing numbness in my right leg , which feels like the same feeling as when you get injected at the dentist, from the top of my thigh to my ankle and foot- but only on the left hand side. It also it’s very uncomfortable to touch and I keep getting a feeling of different parts of my leg I thing but I’m I do try to scratch it’s unbearable !!

I also have felt absolutely exhausted and had a dodgy tummy…

I’m a little bit upset/worried/freaked about by this. I have had my diagnosis ( relapsing remitting) since July 11’ although I had been having symptoms on and off since 2005 and just kept getting fobbed off … which I have found out is quite common … anyway…

so after the diagnosis in 2011 I kept having relapses and was originally put on avonex… I had an absolute nightmare with it and finally I was put on fingolimod in 2013. Since taking fingolimod I have not had a single thing happen to me and all the symptoms /problems I had already had all got significantly better- I just had a little bit of foot fro and weakness in my right leg which chases a slight but permanent limp a bit of banding and muscle spasms in both legs which was 99% controlled by 20kg of baclofen a day and a once in a blue moon day of tiredness- all perfectly manageable and didn’t impact my daily life at all really

So in the middle the of last year my wife and I decided that we would like to have a child, with me carrying the baby as I am younger and fitter/healthier, so we had the discussions with our gp/ the ms nurse and neurologist and I was told to come off treatment for three months before we tried to get me pregnant … although I was apprehensive the three months went past and my health stayed the same apart from I got a bad cold around Xmas and had pleurisy (not much fun I can assure you!!) and we have now have two attempts at getting me pregnant but with no success yet.

So so I am now five months off treatment and have had these new symptoms arrive just three days ago. I’m really worried and unsure what to do. I am unable to get a doctors appointment until tomorrow at the earliest (Tuesday)- I did call and explain but they didn’t have any availability . I managed to speak to the ms nurse earlier and she said it could be stress ( I had three funerals to attend last week), and infection or possibly a relapse… she said she was thinking it would most like be one of the first two but I would have to wait and see but that I could possibly be put on Copaxone if I liked?

now I don’t know what to do, I’ve heard conflicting stories about copaxone but I know it’s the only safe option for trying to get or being pregnant. I’m also annoyed that I’ve been so well for so long and now I’m thinking that I have put myself at risk and is it worth it… I know I’ve only been actually trying to get pregnant for two months but I’m now considering if I should give up or continue

i don’t have any friends with ms to talk to and I don’t belong to the local MS group as the only seem to operate during the day Monday to Friday and I work full time, also I only joined this forum about 10 mins ago. Does anybody have any advice for me or been through anything similar when trying to get pregnant? And Advice on Copaxone would be good too…

sorry i know im rambling a bit now but I’m really tired, anxious and fed up of having a dead leg!!!

copaxone is an easy drug to get on with.

it’s a daily injection but it takes just a minute to do.

give it a try and good luck!

I’m on copaxone. Stayed on it until I got pregnant then came off it during pregnancy then straight back on it. Did that for both my pregnancies. I’m now on the 3 x weekly injections. It’s a doddle.

Good luck! x

Thank you for the advice !! I’m super super fed up right now. When I got my doctors appointment I was given steroids and either they don’t seem to agree with me or something else is going on here too. I’ve lost appetite, I haven’t been able to sleep since Tuesday for more than a couple of hours a night and since last night my vision has been affected ( nothing as bad as when I’ve had optic nueritis) . I’m defo going to ask about the capoxone on Monday and I start a new fertile window in a few days so who knows??