First neuro review - anything I should be asking?

Hi all, well, as in the title, my first neuro review is coming up. I was diagnosed at my first ever neuro appointment back in December 12 and this is my first time back to them.

I’ve been on Copaxone since Dec and have had one relapse (optic neuritis) which I still have. I don’t really think there is anything I need or want to know but I guess it’s better to be prepared as I don’t want to psyche myself up for something and then be in and out in 5 minutes, ask nothing and think of a dozen questions after the appointment!

Hi Meme

I normally go armed with a short list of symptoms that are bothering me and how frequently they occur to ask if there is anything that can be done. My neuro has in the past written to my GP to suggest a drug that will help as my GP has little knowledge of MS and this helps when I need symptom relief.

For instance when I raised the question of fatigue my neuro recommended amantadine and this was added to my repeat prescription list from the surgery without me even seeing the GP!

I also find it useful to write a brief outline of how my health has been since my last neuro visit so that when he asks about relapses and what the symptoms were and how long they lasted I am able to recall it accurately. (I keep a weekly diary of symptoms with my injection tracker.) It’s easy to go blank once you actually get there.

Hope this helps