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Hi I’m new and have SPMS diagnosed 14 years ago the first 7 misdiagnosed as stroke. The last 3 years I’ve deteriorated rapidly to the extent of being in a wheelchair and doing little for myself and finding it hard to cope emotionally. My MS nurse has arranged support from rehab nurses, family group etc and it has been suggested I try medication to help my mood but I want to come through this episode without meds. I try to enjoy time with family and friends when feeling able to. Sorry to go on but it’s been suggested I try the forum to speak to other MS people.


I’m glad you’re here. I have had MS for many years and have always found support and comfort on here - it’s just nice to be corresponding with other people who know what it’s like. I am sorry that life is being so difficult for you.

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Hi Juls, I understand you as I too am paraplegic and need help for just about everything.

Last year I felt life was too hard to cope, after 23 years of PPMS

I was almost lost altogether, then I found Jesus…he was/is my saviour. Not for everyone, I know, but He does listen to us.


Thank you for your kind reply

Hi Juls, I have SPMS aswell, diagnose 2 years ago,although they think ive had ms for 25ish years, one neurologist thought i was suffering with mini stroke episodes although that was disproved quite quickly.

welcome to the forum, i hope your mood lifts soon x

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Hi @Juls, Goodness you have had a bit of a journey and as many of the forum will testify you will find a different type of comfort here. You are among friends here that understand how you feel and can listen to you without reproach. Long term illness brings its challenges and has its highs and lows. On your low days we can pick you up and on your high days you can pick us up. Welcome to what could be your second home.

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Thank you all for your welcoming words

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Hi, glad to meet you. I was diagnosed with MS in 2001 and have gradually got worse over the years and I too am in a wheelchair full-time. I have my moments of feeling very sorry for myself and then five minutes later I’m feeling fine. I take a very low dose of mirtazapine which is a antidepressant plus it helps with sleep. I have been on it for about four years now and I must admit I think it helps. Happy to talk further if you’d like, Kerry


Hi thanks for your support I’m really on a down feeling just now and can’t seem to pull out of it. While meds help depression it’s the physical side that upsets me as I seem to be getting weaker weekly. Sorry to go on

Hi Juls, it is ok to have a down day, goodness me you have every reason to be. Meds can help but taking anything to help depression is such a personal thing.

I absolutely hate it when my body fails me, but my mind is active. That said there are days when my mind has shot it and my body whilst not great is better than the day before.

That is the nature of any chronic illness, and something we just have to go with the flow.

Take heart we understand what you are going through.

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Hi Rogue, Feeling a bit better today so trying to get my positive head on. Sunny and a bit windy for the local gala festivities starting today so might even manage to see my grandsons taking part in a few races.

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