Help advice needed! Heading into my 2nd week,of fingolimod and a family member has been hospitalised with pneumonia!

I know I can’t go near them but can I still be with other members who spend time with them? Worried about carriers! Maybe just OTT


Yes OTT, I go to work and people have colds, coughing sneezing and not had a real cold while being on G for 2 years.

You stand more risk getting a UTI like with most DMD’s.

I think I’m correct in saying you don’t catch Pneumonia it’s a serious infection of the lungs and starts from a long neglected

chest infection or bacteria quickly getting into the lung like vomit etc.

If you been on G for a year and you have a low white cell count which is normal you would have a slight increased chance

of developing it after a neglected chest infection.

Anyway you could always have the anti Pneumonia jab from a GP

OTT yes but to be fair i was a bit like that when i began it way back on the trial.

i work in a secondary school so loads of ‘bugs’ all the time and i think i caught a cold twice in 5 years. Just be sensible, eat a good diet and you will be fine.