Fingolimod and cold remedies

Can anyone please tell whether it safe to take Beechams flu capsules with fingolimod? Got a stinker of a cold at the moment.

I probably wouldn’t even think twice about this, but then it’s easy for me to say, as I’m not on DMDs. But I don’t deliberate about whether common over-the-counter remedies are OK with Baclofen - which I do take - for example.

What’s in the Beecham’s? Paracetamol, almost certainly, and something to help dry up a runny nose, I expect (can’t remember the name of that).

I think it’s most unlikely that the active ingredients conflict in any way with the workings of Fingolimod, and if they did, you would have been warned (couldn’t have Fingolimod patients dropping like flies if they happened to take a paracetamol).

But if you want to be super-cautious, check with a pharmacist, or ring the Fingolimod helpline, assuming there is one.

I’m quite sure it will be fine, but equally conscious that forum users - including myself - aren’t the safest source of medical advice. If you are in doubt, check with the professionals. I’m sure they’ll say no problem, but you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing it came from a proper authority on the subject.


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