Finding it hard to believe

My wife was diagnosed with MS 20 years ago and her deterioration has been slow thankfully. But over the last 3 years her mobility, strength and exhaustion has gone down hill significantly. She is just managing to carry out normal daily tasks but any sort of social activity is just too much. She is reviewed twice a year by a consultant and a specialist nurse but the outcome of the meetings to me just seems pointless. They just accept the deterioration and there seems to be no advice or treatment options. It all seems very negative and there seems to be no options for stabilisation or treatment. Being a positive person with a can do attitude this acceptance just seems wrong

Hello Simon. It is sad to watch your loved one deteriorate like this.

But I am afraid it is like this for some…me included…25 Years with PPMS.

I have my faith in our Lord. He sustains me.

As long as your wife rests well and paces her activities, she can still enjoy life.

Bless you both
Boudica xx

Hi I have PPMS and I haven’t seen a Neurologist or anyone medical for about 5 years because like you I couldn’t see the point and I was always so depressed after a appointment they never offered any good advice I only had 30 minutes per with a physio or sometimes 20 minutes it took me 30 minutes to get there! I decided to start doing yoga/Pilates everyday and my mobility and strength in my legs is so much better

Hi Simon
I m sorry to hear that your wife is not feeling supported or getting any advice.
The most helpful thing I do for my MS is regular YOGA.
This can be very gentle and not fatiguing. This could help with energy and positivity.
I hope that it might help her.
PS. I enjoy YOGA WITH ADRIENE you can access her online. Loads of videos on YouTube try A Little Goes A Long Way .m

Thanks for the reply. My wife has been doing some local exercise classes designed for people with mobility issues and they have improved her mood and to some degree her mobility. I think the social aspect as much as the physical has been important. Her mental strength is so much more than mine.