Finding it hard to be patient.

Hi just an apology and mini rant. The apology is to say sorry for not being much involved in forum over last few months, it’s because I am trying to to focus on my health and just get on with things. So sorry if I can be a bit post and run :frowning: But the reason I am having to do this, is because I am finding it so hard being in limbo for so long. I had my optic neuritis in early December last year. Got my neuro appt in March. Had to wait until 6 weeks ago for my MRI, and have found out that radiology are currently very behind so my MRI results will not be analysed and sent to the neuro for at least another 2 weeks (that’ll be 8 weeks since the MRI) Then lord knows how long for the neuro to look at it and decide when to book me in, if at all. And then the wait for that appt or discharge letter. The only up side is that I am feeling really well (touch wood) no major symptoms except the odd sensory ones, so I am trying to make the most of it… Sorry to moan, I know you are all in the same situation and so will understand… Leah :slight_smile:

Sorry should have said *trying NOT to focus on my health

Hi Leah,no need to apologise for needing a rant.

A patient patient (ha!) is what I had to be as well.

You cant push the NHS on. Some areas are worse than others, but the general feeing is all depts are pushed with staff shortages, lack of funding etc.

I`ve done the rounds of the neurology dept and have been disappointed on several occassions.

I presented as typical PPMS for years and was wrongy diagnosed as such for more years, then different neuros had other ideas.

Makes you yawn just thinking about it.

Hang in there sister!

luv pollyxx

Hi Boudica, I know it is a long frightening ,tedious ,frustrating etc. etc. route to diagnosis.

I am still waiting for mine , had L.P today so hopefully wont be long now. MRI brain and back scans show multiple areas of demyelation which show m.s .(so i believe)

So frustrating ,but hang on in there I’m sure you will get to speak to someone with answers at some point soon. Take care and keep spirits up!


xx Breesha

Thanks both of you, had a moment of frustration yesterday. I think it’s partly because I have been offered an amazing business opportunity, but realistically the fatigue and other issues I have will probably make it unviable. Think I just want to know what I am dealing with, so at least that’s one uncertainty out of of the way. Boudica you are a patient woman, lol… I think I would have gone bananas waiting all of those years! Good luck breesha… Leah :slight_smile: