Finding activities

Hi all, My mum has secondary progressive MS, she is blind and has very limited mobility. I’m trying to find games/activites/hobbies for her, I feel like I’ve tried everything but she hasn’t been interested in any of them. She is house bound during the week and is ususlly very down in mood, could someone suggest something to cheer her up? Thanks!

Hello there. Have you tried a 2 person inflatable kayak? Or thought about going on a Barge break holiday.

Getting out near water is usually great for peace & calming. With sounds & smells, way different than being stuck indoors. The fresh air is fantastic too. Or visiting an Ice Cream farm & tasting them fruity flavours. It’s strawberry picking season too.

I like Tel’s suggestion about ice cream, but not quite as

keen on the kyak idea!

What about a soothing massage?


Hello, my elderly father-in-law, who does not have MS, but who is registered blind because of Macular Degeneration, is also not as fleet of foot as he used to be and wears special shoes because of his flat feet and gait. He joined the local branch of the RNIB when he lost his wife and finds they are very friendly and active with meetings and outings. Perhaps you could contact a branch near where your mother lives and see what they have going on? Sometimes charities have voluntary helpers who assist with transport to meetings. It might be worth trying.

He also loves music, belongs to an organ recital group and goes once a month with a friend. Does she like music? He belongs to the National Trust too which has interesting speakers and occasional outings.

The local U3A might have a group that would be of interest too, if you have not already tried them.

I hope you can find something for her.

all the best


Is there a local association for the blind? They will have lots of stuf going on, or ideas for hobbies & evening classes and thinga

does your mum have many/any visitors?

maybe regular visits would help lift her spirits.

there must be some charity that can help with this.

music has been my biggest help.

would being taken out for a drive and stopping somewhere for lunch brighten her day?

i know it must be hard for you, that’s why i suggest other visitors.

you’re a very loving daughter

carole x