Find Me

Be honest and tell me how long it takes you to spot the animal


I see it! I’m normally crap at these kinda things but I see’s you…

About 15 seconds. That’s a good pic xx


I see 2 animals!

e x

Took 5 seconds. I see two animals

Good one Noreen. Got any more?


Well done - yes l can see it - with my new eyes. Beforehand l would not have found the page!

2 animals! Are you guys trying to wind me up. Cos if yah are

Show off, yah cheeky little tortoise

it took me about 20 seconds to see a giraffe,can only see that i missing something ?

J x

My tortoise is very handsome.

Got to think of a name for him.


Will leave you with this, while we go shopping

Looks like a Timmy or a Tommy to me

Like this. 8 seconds. Found the giraffe - what’s the other one? Linda x

I can make the pic bigger on my tablet. It’s only small and vegetarian


And yah not supposed to tell people lol

An easy one

Straight away for this one, will have to look again at the others

Afternoon #1

buon pomeriggio #2 Good afternoon

Practising my Italian…up to six words. Only just over two weeks to my holiday, no problems. I’ve got my husband


bummer it’s evening now