financial abuse

My husband is my full time carer but over the years he has taken out credit cards he can’t afford and can’t pay back

He is now unable to get any credit so he has taken out credit cards in my name without my knowledge He now has 7000 pounds of debt (or rather I do!) Unfortunately this is not the first time I only found out because we had absolutely no money even to buy food and he had maxed out the cards

WE live on benefits my husband is my full time care He is incredibly loving and caring with me He doesn’t drink smoke take drugs every penny he spent was on bills and food

The problem is this is not the first time and the situation previously was hideous bailiffs cleared the house

I thought I was going to die with the fear and the stress

When I found out the previous 3 times yes unfortunately 3 times

I went through all the appropriate people debt help etc

but as soon as each debt is cleared he just runs up more

I can’t take control of the situation because the level of secrecy is huge actually it beggers belief

His suggestion this time was I just don’t pay the debts if the bailiffs come then they come we have little to take

However, the reason I’m posting is when he first announced that I owed 7000 pounds I had a complete panic attack as I didn’t think I could go through it all again as I am just so frightened

I rang the police non-emergency number 101 (and in my distressed state everything he had done came pouring out

Their reaction was so extreme

They said it is coercive behavior and financial abusive of a vulnerable adult

They really have the bit between their teeth and sounded after his blood which of course was wonderful and supportive

They are coming to interview him at the house tomorrow

He said he is going to admit everything

The problem is I love him and he is very kind to me now he thinks he will be off to prison

I’ve tried to cancel their visit but have been unable to

I’m just so scared

Even if they prosecuted my husband I have been informed that the reality is I will still be responsible for the debt

and I would have to recover the money through court from my husband

I feel so overwhelmed and in a big black hole with no escape and there really is no one to turn too

Advice much appreciated

I can’t imagine how frightening this is. I do want to just say how sorry I am that you are having to deal with this and hope that you can both get some help. Surely if you had no knowledge of the cards applied for in your name then hubby forged your signature. That of course is fraud but I don’t see how you can be responsible. I think in your place I would ask for legal advice from Citizens advice bureau. Unfortunately I imagine neither you nor hubby will recover your credit rating and life will be difficult but as your sole carer he is needed at home. The cost of your care would be quite expensive if he was not there and a good legal representative would be able to argue that. Please try to take this one step at a time as it may well be not nearly so bad as you think right now. I am not making light of it but think maybe there are avenues to follow with help from responsible advisors. I know that Citizens advice will be inundated at the moment because of people worried about losing jobs, homes etc due to this C19 situation but all I can think is keep trying them until you get answered by phone or even write a letter to the local office. I feel sure some others will have helpful ideas for you but until then I just wanted to give you a reply. Good Luck, ell

Oh love, what an awful situation.

Have the police been yet?

Feel so sorry for you.