Hi all

I just got a letter from my consultant advising that my MRI has shown a small patch of inflammation within my spinal chord, which he feels is responsible for my symptoms.

The letter doesn’t tell me any more than that but he has also sent an appointment for me to see him in a few weeks.

It’s such a relief that they found something!! You really do start to think you must be imagining things after a while.

Just going to have to be patient now and hope that he will have something a little more difinitive to tell me at the appointment.

Have a great weekend everbody!

Kaz xxx

I’m glad to hear that you feel some relief from this and I wish you Happiness, Health and all kinds of Wealth :heart:

Thank you :slight_smile: xxx

So pleased for you. Its horrible to think you must be imagining it A xx

glad you have some relief and I hope the appt goes well for you