Finally seen gp Bloods??

Finally seen my doc about extra symptoms which I don’t think are fibro which I got diagnosed with 4 1/2 yrs ago. These symptoms are electric shock shooting pains, numbness n tingling, leg buckling when walking, having sleep type ‘fits’, heavy dead arm plus a few other I can’t remember right now lol. Well she has asked for lots of bloods, inc a fasting one. What could she be looking for? I have had quite a few done last mth for another condition which were all fine. Having bloods on thurs n she wants me in next wk to discuss results, but she did say it is prob something neuro would deal with.


maybe the gp is obliged to run blood tests before referring you on to a neurologist.

it’s a waiting game so build that patience!

good luck

carole x

GP’s want to test for obvious things before referring to a hospital specialist; otherwise they look stupid and get shouted at.

Unfortunately, most blood tests are very specific for particular things, so if those aren’t the exact things your blood was tested for recently, they need more blood.


Hi i was diagnosed with MS at the start of the year and my wife was diagnosed with fibro about 2 years ago and the symptoms are shockingly similar, my wife even used our private health insurance to see a neurologist to be checked for MS but everything came back clear. Sometimes she is in a lot worse state than me and she has most of the symptoms you described so it could be fibro but only the proper tests will find out

As said above the doctors look for the easiest things first like blood tests, i had about 8 months of testing and appointments before i was diagnosed and it was horrible being in limbo land just waiting but deep down i knew it was MS as unfortunately i have grown up with it as my mother was diagnosed with it not long after i was born and my brother was diagnosed 8 years ago.

Hope everything goes ok with your tests and you get a quick outcome, Billy