Finally saw a Neurologist yesterday and feeling deflated

So, I finally saw a neurologist yesterday after going to the doc a year ago. I was barely in there for 20 minutes. He told me that my symptoms (which I didn’t even get to tell him all of them) were all down to anxiety. He said my muscles ache because I am so anxious and uptight all the time I’m making my muscles contract, didn’t realise I was doing this, still don’t really see it.

I said that I was weaker than I used to be, he said it’s because I’m de conditioned and need to do more exercise- this is despite walking the dog everyday and looking after my horse.

Arrgggghhhhhhh- just needed to let that out!

Goodness me, Flaran - no wonder you feel deflated! Has the neurologist done any tests, like an MRI and bloods for example, on which to base his opinion? If it were me, then I’d hot foot it back to my GP and ask to be referred to a different neurologist as soon as - your wait of one year is totally unacceptable for a referral. Wishing you loads of luck.

My GP did a few blood tests when I first saw her nearly a year ago, nothing since.

Ill go back to the GP at some point but as bad as it sounds I just can’t be bothered at the moment I’m getting so fed up with it all

Thanks for your reply flopsy1 I really appreciate it

Also he asked me what I was concerned about, I said I wasn’t worried about any disorder in particular. He said I must be otherwise I wouldn’t have wanted to see him. I tried to explain that I had asked my GP what she thought was wrong and she said she had no idea and that was why I wanted to see someone else. It’s not like I’ve seen her once and got myself in a state.

anyway. No MRIs had previously or planned for the future. Nothing else planned. He said he doesn’t need to see me again