Finally had neurology appointment

I’m not sure if I am relieved or frustrated. Having been extensively investigated by orthopaedics for numbness and pins and needles in my right arm, tight muscles from my hands up to my shoulders, neck and back, for no reason and nearly constant, shooting pains, leg stiffness, burning pains in arms etc, he referred me to neurology. Due to fatigue and a few other symptoms I’ve been thinking ms. Before I mentioned ms the neurologist hit my legs and arms with a hammer to test reflexes, did some arm manouveres to test strength and basically said she could not see anything obvious wrong with me I said I wondered if ms due to symptoms. She said that the symptoms do point to ms but ms isn’t screaming at her. She said she would do an MRI to reassure me and ordered some blood tests: Creatine kinase Magnesium Immunoglobulin Acetylcholine receptors Vitamin D But then said she would probably refer me to rheumatology and they’d diagnose fibromyalgia as it would be good for me to have a label. Her words. I don’t want a label. I want to know why my arms don’t work properly and feel painful, tight and tingly. I’m delighted she doesn’t think I have ms. Though it made me wonder what she meant by it doesn’t scream ms even though the symptoms point to it. Anyone know about the bloods requested?