Final test...done

Well that’s the final test out of the way this morning… Ct scan with dye of my chest,lungs & abdomen . Neuro says next appointment will be to discuss the results of all tests ( and I’ve had the lot ) So the final wait begins , hope it’s this year,but I can’t see that happening. Watch this space"… Take care all Gray xx


good luck Gray, hope you find out the cause.


hope all goes well

Good luck Gray, I you get some real answers very soon

Sonia x

Thanks everyone Strange feeling pushing for something you don’t want to hear . Take care Gray x

Hi, yeh i know what you mean. I wanted to hear I did have ms, as what I may have is worse for my family, as there is a 50% chance I could have passed it on.

When we are suffering with mysterious symptoms, putting a label on it stops our minds running wild, with all kinds.

luv Pollx

I’m glad they’re all done. Hope you’re still continuing to feel better. You never know; you could get an appt this year then you can start 2014 with all the tests & appointments behind you. Best wishes Jane x

Thanks jane Yea back to work for 4 weeks now with a 500 mile commute Slowly still getting better, have some symptoms left but hope they continue to improve, Would love my appointment this year so I can start 2014 afresh, been a bad year with this and loosing my mum. Hope your well …as can be expected Gray xxx

Why do some people get an early result re their ESA application and some have to wait eons. I am one of the lucky ones, I was put in the support group after putting my application in 4 weeks ago. I suppose what I am saying is put in as much supporting evidence as you can, it can only help. Gary

Sorry, that last post should not be here. Sincere apologies Gary

Hi Gray

Glad you have had all the tests. Now comes the hard bit - waiting patiently for the results. Hope work is going well and you’re not finding it too much. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you get the results of your tests sooner rather than later.

Tracey x