final count down

Hi all, had a letter from neuro today…results of all other tests are in, following when he wanted to make double sure his dx of PP spinal MS was 100% correct.

I`ll quote;

anti- MOG​ antibodies were negative, which eliminates possibility of NMO/Devic`s disease, ACE levels, vit D, copper levels, HIV, syphilis (I know!) B12, all negative/fine.

Oligoclonal (love that word) bands found in CSF (lumber puncture) fluid indicate MS.

I`ve abbreiviated the letter cos it can get impossible to interpret sometimes.

So there we are guys…I defo qualify for a Blue Peter MS badge dont I?

Only taken 22 years…I highly recommend DR Panicker (and yes, that IS his real name!) at The Walton Centre Liverpool.

love Bouds xxxx

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