Just curious, does anyone else feel like they’re constantly fighting? For instance - against everyday things like having a shower. We have a power shower which needs to be on it’s full power setting, to be able to wash and rinse one’s self, without having to stand too long. Our shower is over a corner bath which has a seat in the corner from which, I struggle to stand up again from a sitting position. Consequentiously, I tend to only shave my legs when I feel able to face the problem of sitting down, and getting up again whilst in the shower!

The above and carrying out a lot of other everyday activities is probably why I feel like I’m always fighting! Then, my G.P. decided he want’s me to try to reduce with a view to finally stop taking anti depressants which I’m not pleased about, they’re what stops me from crying over what I can’t do any longer. He (G.P.) told me anti depressants are supposed to be a short-term fix to depression and I’ve been on them for 7 years, so it’s time to try to stop taking them. My first thought was ‘let him try to live with MS and all that comes with it’ and not feel depressed!

Sorry for moaning, but it’s helped me being able to get my thoughts out in the open.

Thank you for reading this.

Jacqueline x

Hi Jacqui, absolutely. Just now i feel to be really struggling to do ANYTHING.

It would be good IF you can reduce the anti-depressants, but if you cant then dont!

luv Pollx

I often say I have run out of fight for some things in life as the little things are such a massive struggle (might not look like it to everyone else but it takes me much more effort to do the same task). I’ve given up on my battle with ESA, I’ve resorted to being forced to go back to work on a trial basis just to get them off my back so that it will fail and they will sort out my pension.

I’m too tired to worry about fighting. I know I’m tired, the 18 year old lad on the checkout at the Supermarket told me I looked rreally tired and I’ve never met him before!