is anyone interested in fighting back against the government for what they are doing to us? i have found a good human rights and disability rights solicitor who can do legal aid work, heres the link if you want to have a look.

i think its about time that we get enough people who are fed up of being targeted by the government to join together to get the government to sit up and listen to what they are doing to us, breaking human rights laws, breaking disability rights laws, i cant do this on my own, will anyone else want to help?


A bit concerned that this is a solicitor making money out of legal aid which will probably line the pockets of their own company. As a tax payer, is this good use of public funds ?

The government must have their own lawyers who check the validity of issues before they become statute ?

I intend to do my campaigning through the election boxes (local, general & by-elections).

id rather not trust the government lawyers at all, and im certainly not going to sit back while the government keep penalising us and targeting us all the time, ive had enough of it

is this a good use of public funds? would you rather that we kept our mouths shut, sit back and do nothing as many of us cannot afford the fee’s. a great many of us if not all have paid into the system, so yes i would say its a bloody good use of public funds