I am struggling with My electronic foot lift(FES) for the first few months it was great. Then I started to have a reaction.

My skin became itchy where the pads were. This led to Brocken skin, where I’d scratched. It then became impossible to use.

Does anybody know of a barrier cream/gel I could use??

L x :slight_smile:

Hi Linda,

I use FES and had exactly the same thing as you, I just became sensitised to the pads. There are some hypoallergenic pads you can get and they work fine.

Mine’s an Odstock device i get from Sheffield Hospital. I just called them, explained the problem and they now provide me with the new pads all of the time. No problems since changing!!

I have noticed however that they don’t last as long before you need to change them but that is the only downside!!

Thank You for your reply I am gobsmaked!!

I too get mine from Odstock. At My last appointment, was made to feel like I was the only one this had ever happened to. “Just My luck”

I will get on to them & see what they say. Thank you so much.


Hi Linda!

I use an FES device part of the time, but it makes my leg very itchy the longer I leave it on.

Once I’ve taken the device off, I use something called ‘Aveeno Anti-Itch Cream’ on the pad-sites. You can get this online at Amazon, and I find it far more effective than the E45 cream suggested by the Odstock clinicians.

Hope this helps?


Try Eumovate cream and that should clear it up. It is a mild steroid cream and available over the counter at chemists.

This is the clinicians information sheet.

And please do read the information sheet that whammel has mentioned.

I have been using the Blue Pals 50x50 electrodes ever since Odstock first set me up with my FES. Never had any reaction from them. And the Odstock service is great - when I am down to the last pack, a quick phone call will have some more through the letterbox within a very few days.

I will also put in a plug for Joe Green (author of that info sheet). I had my last appointment with him, and he spent 10 minutes tracing an intermittent fault - right down to a break within the moulded anti-strain bit on one plug. Very thorough, very efficient. I hope to see him again next month - but then they are all nice people at Odstock.