I have been waiting since feb for an appointment to come thought from birmingham for the fitting of an FES. I rang them today cause I throught 2 months was long time to wait, They told me the delay was due to funding coming from my district. So I will just have to wait for that to happen. Does any body know of any other way to get an FES.

Many Thanks


Hi Tony I had to get one privately, I’m in Scotland, I got it about 10 years ago now. I got a referral from a private gp, because my gp wouldn’t help either. Then things moved quickly and I was sorted and fitted with FES a few weeks later. I pay about £300 for each appointment which are now annually. I’ve never paid more than this so getting it initially was no more expensive but that was ten years go now so perhaps the initial cost is more now. It is my lifeline, I couldn’t manage without it. Cheryl:-)

Hi Tony, excuse my ignorance but what is a FES?



FES - functional electrical stimulation, sends a message (electrical impulse) down a nerve to stimulate a muscle.

Have you thoughtr about a MuSmate? Its a mechanical device, I use one and its excellent for footdrop. They cost under £100. Look on my website http://www.aid4disabled.com/musmate/ If you are interested then give them a ring (google it) and mention my name - Patrick Burke at aid4disabled

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Hi thanks for the reply Patrick

had a look and your website very informative.


Hello John,

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