FES batteries

Can I ask any FES users out there how long do your batteries last?

Mine seem to go flat very quickly and I am putting new ones in every couple of weeks.

I’ve not used FES for several years now, but I found I seemed to be replacing batteries an awful lot. It wasn’t like I walked that much anyway, and it didn’t seem to make any difference what brand I used, although I think maybe I sometimes replaced them before I needed because I was afraid of them giving out.

I seem to be changing them all the time - I have tried several different makes of battery and none last more than a couple of weeks, they’re not cheap either!

I’ve got the same battery in mine as I had at the beginning of lockdown! Mind you, I don’t use it all day every day. I only use it if I’m out for a walk, and not always then as I use specialist walking poles. However, even when I was using it most days during lockdown thee didn’t seem to be a problem.

I use expensive rechargeable batteries but need to change them daily! Sometimes they last two to 3 days but not often.


I’m thinking of getting rechargeable as I’m spending so much on normal batteries and I’ve got a big box of old batteries and nowhere to recycle them!

Not sure after reading your comment, I find it quite a fiddle to change the batteries as hands aren’t too good

I used to get about four weeks out of a battery, but switched to re chargeable a few years ago and they tend last about five days. I guess it depends on how much you use it and how far you walk.

indeed battery changes are a fiddle, how do you get on opening battery packaging? (unless you buy in bulk boxes)