Hello from a miserable grey Crowborough.

I’m having a nothing day today s I fired up the laptop to share some memories. Gone are the days of walking across the deck, negotiating the pitch and roll of a bobbling boat. It’s not much to do with MS other than me writing it.



I have relatives in the wirral and many a time we have been on the ferry while we stayed there. Kay

It was nice reading ,it sounds as of you had an adventurous childhood. I hope the drunken man survived. When our children were small we went to France for a holiday we hadn’t got much money so we had to sleep on recliners and on the way back they put us in the Gym. We had four small children. I Was terrified because there was a secondary school class in there with a class of 14 year olds and a strict teacher, he turned the lights off and I was trying to find the way out in the dark with a crying baby. Michelle and Frazer xx

Is it just me or has the forum gone back in time . Maybe it’s only me and Frazer that have gone back in time . Are you confused Steve ? Michelle and Frazer xx

Hiya Steve,

It’s taken me a little while to reply to your thread as I am so shocked to be reading what might be my childhood memories! (The sight of ‘Dick Dora Nip and Fluff’ reading books and I was hooked!

I have since been delving deeper into your posts/blogs and the similarities are so close as to be spooky!

If I may, I would love to send you a direct message (if I manage it, I’m not all that tech savvy) to go into the specifics…although I have nothing to hide!

I have absolutely loved reading your links and realised I have been missing out a lot by not coming here more often.

Elaine Preston