fell onto knees

i wasnt in pain and stepped out of my kitchen and fell onto my knees no warning i dont know why this happened i didnt tripdoes this happen to others???

Hello Metoo

The only two times it has happened to me in the last 2 years both on separate occasions, is when I had a water infection in my bladder.

My legs just collapsed and I just when down in a heap.

I now take Cefalexin 250mg each night on prescription.


i have a date finally for pip interview over the phone any tips or insight ? I would be grateful

Hi, Its a common problem with MS..although my falls were usually caused by foot drop. But I did also feel the legs weakening when standing for short periods. They wouldve collapsed if I hadnt sat down.


I’ve fallen a few times, the worst being last Christmas when I fell down a flight of concrete stairs in a car park. After Physio appointments (with the MS Physio’s) it was decided it was down to my bad management of fatigue. I’d know I was getting tired and needed to sit down soon but my legs made the decision sooner than I realised.

With regard to the PIP interview you must describe your conditions and problems on your worst days, don’t base it on a good day or even an average day, make all descriptions a summary of when you are at your worst. Don’t answer questions they haven’t asked (hope that makes sense) I sort of mean don’t offer extra information they didn’t ask you about.

Hope that helps and good luck.

ah thankyou cheetah I will bear all of that in mind

thankyou yes i think its a lesson im only just learning making myself listen to my body and sitting down and not pushing myself in my previous life i used to be a chef i have to drop that mentality