feet jerking, shooting pains in feet and ankles with extensive twitching feet

Have diagnosis of MS. When I took my steroids for my first relapse the following happned: at night my left foot was jerking and lifted up the bedsheet and i had servere shooting pains in left foot and ankle also extensive twitching feet all at the same time. Does anyone have or have had similar symptoms? Please let me know if you have diagnosis of MS as would be interested, thanks xx


there are meds that can help with those spasms.

i have a friend who uses sativex but it may be difficult to get.

ask one of your neuro team.

good luck

carole x

Thanks Carole. I’ve not had it again, it was pretty extreme at the time. I guess they were myclonic jerks lifting up the bed sheet. I going to ask the neuro when I next see him. I also got transvere myelitis in both arms and the neuro registrar didn’t make any medical notes of me… Just had a blank sheet that said at the time ‘diagnosis possible RRMS’. I’ve complained to the hospital why he didn’t do this and hope to get a response this week or next.

I suspect that this is just the edge of a much longer story, so please forgive me if I’m totally out of order, but on the face of it this doesn’t sound to me like grounds for a formal complaint about how a clinician is going about his or her business.

I’m not suggesting being deferential, or not speaking up when concerned - of course I’m not. But I do think it is important to try hard to foster the kind of therapeutic alliance between patient and clinician that tends to be the best basis on which to manage a condition like ours. That surely takes mutual trust and goodwill, and no one being too quick to take the hump. In other words, please don’t get clinicians’ backs up if you can help it! They’re only human, and they get pissed off too.

I hope you reach an outcome that is satisfactory to you, whatever that looks like.