Feels like a hangover???

Sorry if this is a dull question, but I am new to all this and extremely confused.

I keep feeling like I have been drinking? Head goes all swimmy and I can’t stand properly and feel like I am going to fall over. In my head, my speech is completely slurred and I feel like someone has suddenly turned the volume switch down so everything seems distant and slow? I get a high pitched ringing in my head for a moment, then sound returns to normal.

I also feel nauseous frequently.

hi kimmy

i’ve just answered your other post.

yea hangover feeling so sums it up.

i walk like a drunk too.

you should try mindfulness meditation because you sound as though you really are very confused.

it really helps you to stay calm.

this weekend i had a real hangover because i was out drinking dirty beer!

it’s a nice change because i can tell myself “it’s not you fault”!