Feeling the pressure

Hi all,

Hope you’re having a good weekend so far

Off to work on Monday for my monthly visit with Occ health. Even though I know it’s what has to happen when you’re signed off from work I always feel anxious when I go as I feel I have to justify why I’m on sick leave. No pressure is being put on me when I go but the feeling is still there. I find myself waffling while I’m there .

Anyone else out there going through a similar thing?

Anyway, enough waffling . I hope you all have a restful/fun weekend.



Hi Oonagh, not going through same thing now… but I can tell you from experience that a lot of GUILT is attached to this bloody MS. Especially when you first give up work… “Am I really too ill to work?”… “Am I really ill at all?” … “Do people think I’m putting it on?”… “Maybe if I just tried harder…” etc etc etc.

So just really want you to know that these feelings are normal and we all get them.

Partly it’s because we can hardly take in the fact that MS has happened to us… and partly because we are people who generally have pushed ourselves through things. I would feel so guilty if I took ONE day off work sick… so when it turned into weeks, months, and now years it seemed and still seems staggering to me!

So keep in mind two things… firstly that these feelings are normal, and second that yes, you ARE too ill to work.

Have a nice weekend hon and hope all goes well on Monday,

Pat x

Awww thank you so much for this Pat. Its such an emotional rollercoaster. I started work at 16 (working in the laboratory field) 26 years ago and the most time I had off was 2 weeks 4 years ago when I had chicken pox! I must say that adult chicken pox is hideous! I had it on my tongue, gums and down my throat as well as the usual places. I always have it in the back of my mind…could that have caused the MS? Having looked on the web I couldn’t find anything that related to it.

My heart breaks just a little every day as my partner and I were just seeing the end at the light of the preverbial tunnel at the beginning of the year…saving nicely for a deposit on a house, the usual debts sorted. Now we are saving every penny as I don’t know what is going to happen. I’m now at the end of that tunnel in limbo.

I must say though that I take much heart in the posts I read here. I don’t feel alone in this and appreciate all of the support.

On a lighter note…my amazing partner is makng me laugh cos as I type he is laughing his head off at ‘inbetweener’ reruns! Bless him!

Thanks again Pat