Feeling sorry for myself need hugs am i verging on a relapse?

Well the title speaks for itself really!!! feeling rubbish (seeing the Dr this morning) legs are bad and between cramping and what feels like seriously tight muscles (though they aren’t) , also feel shaky, not really badly but it makes doing things harder. Then there’s the fatigue!!! OMG it’s horrific, on 400 mg of Modafinil which was fantastic and i would manage to stay awake all day and not feel too tired but now well, yawning all day and in bed by 8. been like that for the last week!!!

I’m not gonna go on with the list but some smptoms are definitely worsening!!!

Don’t think i ever fully recovered from the relapse and throat infection then a chest infection at the beginning of June, so could this be a relapse or just me being under the weather? If it’s a relapse then that’s 3 in 4 months!!!

Thank you for reading it helps to air on here as you all “get” it most of my family and friends don’t, even my hubby doesn’t seem to get how bad i am at the mo he tells me to rest but then leaves all the cleaning, cooking etc for me to do!! ( he’s not too well either and works full time but still…

Kate x x


know how you feel having to stop volunteering and feel as if the MS has won again, too hot and i live in scotland , hopefully it is not a relapse you are suffering but just to say on this board we understand unlike our poor husbands

I’m with Trish on the too hot too…it makes it hard to tell because all my symptoms become exaggerated in this heat and humidity. Xx

Definitely when its too warm and humid the tiredness feels much worse. I’m trying to make a definitely effort to get my sleeping patterns back on track cause insomnia doesn’t help with the wobbly leg feeling.

Keep telling yourself that you are just under the weather and that the pesky MS ain’t going to win. It is difficult to explain MS symptoms to other people, especially when they don’t know the difference between just a bit tired anf fatigue. Its the same with having a headache and calling it a migraine or having a head cold and calling it flu’ - anyone who has suffered from flu’ or migraine will tell you there is a world of difference.

lots of hugs for you Kate, we do know what you are going through. Just keep telling yourself - winter is just round the corner

I went swimming this morning one of the ladies is a retired Physiotherapist who also worked with MS folk and whos mum also had MS.

Anyway hubby thinks I am exsagerarating the heat and the fact it did my back in spoke to another friend today and her answer was we where worried about you because you havent been swimming for some days but Jennifer(pysio) said it will be the heat oh how good it feels when someone gets it


Dear tenaka07

Sending you tons of Hugs and Love xXx

Theres days when I feel the same ;-(

Thanks guys It’s such a weight off when you can rant on here and everyone gets it, because you know your not going to be told “just get on with it” “you’ll be fine” etc

So the Dr thinks ( is hoping) its just an infection put me on antibiotics and said if no better in 4 days then to go back and he might have to give me a course of steroids that will make 4 lots since being diagnosed at the end of march!!

I wont let MS win but i cant fight off the infections! GGGRRRRRR

And i’m actually dreading winter!! The cold makes my muscles seize up, i seem to thrive in the heat and feel tons better so the hot weather for me has been wonderful!!!

Kate x x

Hi Kate, glad the doc could help out.

When do you see your neuro next? If your MS is progressing, then hopefully, he can prescribe something to help.

luv Pollx

Hi Kate

Sorry you are having such a rubbish time. MS for some people seems to play havoc in the first few years following diagnosis but then can settle down so there is hope for you yet. I really hope the antibiotics do the trick and you don’t have to have another course of steroids.

In the meantime, come on here and rant as much as you like. We do know how you feel. I saw a great saying the other day ‘you don’t get MS until you get it!’ How true …

Tracey x