Feeling rubbish

Has anybody experienced painful arm and hand going numb. Feels really heavy. Legs feel like cotton wool and head feels like if doesn’t belong to me. Also experiencing palpitations. Am new to different issues so any help would be great. Have emailed my ms nurse. Thanks for reading.


Hi Michelle

Sorry to hear things haven’t been so good. I haven’t been on here much lately but came on looking for guidance on Tecfidera as I have appointment about it later today. I saw you name at top of listings. I was going to pm you but can’t work out how on new site…yet. I have had symptoms you describe.

When I had palpitations I also had other symptoms of dizziness and more importantly breathlessness which is not an MS symptom. It could be just an MS sensation you can get buzzing and fluttering sensations etc but it is always important to be aware MS doesn’t stop you getting other things so you should always get things checked out properly if you have any concerns.

Anyway if you fancy a chat hopefully you still have my number…and that I have right Michelle! Sorry if I haven’t! :slight_smile:

Mish x

Hi Michelle, could you ring your nurse, perhaps you’d get a quicker response? You could be starting a relapse, or you might have a UTI which can make your MS symptoms feel bad. You’ve done the right thing by contacting your nurse, hope she’s able to sort you out.

Good luck & welcome to the forum

Rosina x

Hi Michelle

Are you rrms?

If this is a new symptom and it doesn’t ease up, you can ring the 111 number for advice or contact your gp.

Take care


hi michelle

are you on a disease modifying drug?

some of these can cause palpitations.

contact your ms nurse and also see your gp because as mish said, having ms doesnt mean that you won’t have other health problems.

it’s quite reassuring to have a gp referral to hospital where you get a full MOT.

carole x