Feeling precious

Yesterday started with snuffles and sore throat. Today, I’ve got chills and spotty throat :s it’s the first time in ages I’ve had a bug or something not MS related :slight_smile: ( I know, weird smiling about it but there you are lol). So I’m having a quiet day, no gardening or whatever today, just relaxation. A bit of YouTube…chocolate? Hmmm, yes :)But…isn’t it boring! I’ve got no choice to relax as I feel pants, but, it is ruddy boring. Hopefully tomorrow I will have a spring in my step :slight_smile: That’s my waffle over. Hope everyone has a good weekend. MRI on Monday xx

Hope you’re feeling better soon. You’re definitely doing the right thing by just relaxing and eating chocolate!

Good luck for the MRI, too xx

Take it easy and all the best for Monday x

Thanks my lovelies :slight_smile: my throat is on fire lol. I’m sucking on a Strepsil, they usually work quite well. It’s definately a bug :s Yep, I will be glad to get the MRI out of the way. Hopefully I can then get on some treatment xx