feeling nervous starting avonex on wednesday

im feeling so nervous about starting avonex on wednesday think you could say im actually scared have already had rebif and copaxone and managed them why am i so scared?..

Bump Min xx

Hello, Wishing you luck for tomorrow :slight_smile: I gave been on Avonex since April and I’m glad I chose it. No site reactions and side effects controlled by paracetamol (you will get to know how your body reacts). What I do is take my pen out of the fridge 30 mins before and then take paracetamol. Hope I’ve helped a little. Sam xx

There isn’t always much logic to it, is there? Some things we take in our stride and some things freak us out and there isn’t always any rhyme or reason that we can discern. I certainly find that with MS and related matters. Sometimes it just suddenly stops being OK and becomes completely intolerable. But never mind. The crisis passes and I get on with it much as usual and so (also, much as usual!) will you.

Good luck with the Avonex. It did a good job for me for a number of years and I hope that it suits you too.


hi there and thanks for replys

avonex was so easy what was i scared of ?

yes i have the achiness and it hasnt stopped yet made me a little slower but first one over feels grteat not injecting every day wierd really fingers crossed all will stay well xxxxx