Feeling lost

Just feeling a bit lost at the moment. Dx last year thought I was coping quite well, but just feel like I’ve lost a bit of me, and what I am now able to do. Used to be a very active person we run a couple of businesses, but now struggle to get my head round the books, and paperwork.

hubby suggested to get some help in with it, but I feel that if that happens, I might as well be put on a shelf! Think perhaps it’s just a cr***y day today.

Hope you are all ok and have a great weekend.

Sorry to hear you are feeling lost at the moment. I had a blip like you, only a few weeks ago.

Why don’t you think about getting some help with the books/paperwork? when you are feeling more positive It’s not about giving in but adapting your life to make it work better for you.

I just have to practice what I preach and pay for a cleaner to help out. Obviously, no one can clean my home as good as me

PS; ((((((hugs)))))

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Thanks for the reply, just one of those fed up days:-(

the doldrums happen to everyone, in every walk of life, whether battling an affliction or not. and there is nothing wrong with that. its just the ‘peaks and troughs’ of life. for sure, some of us have reasons to feel these troughs more acutely than most others, but that is just the way it goes.

getting help is not a sign of weakness, nor is at an irreversible state of affairs. absolutely it is unfortunate if getting assistance is something you would prefer not to do, but it is just another part of adaptation. and again, this is something everyone, in every walk of life, whether afflicted or not has to occasionally deal with.

i would suggest having a good shout, cry, whatever and then when the mist (and tears) clear, formulate a game plan and execute it. the key is to keep moving forward; sometimes a momentary pause or a few sidesteps are necessary to simply continue on the course.

stay chipper :slight_smile:

Don’t beat yourself up. You ae not alone.

You’ve got a full time fight on your hands with MS and working on top of that is really difficult . I run 2 businesses (more accurately I feel like they run me). I’ve learned that I have to delegate much more as I work mainly from home now and my brain feels like mush most of the time. The work never stops as I have the harshest boss in the world.


Just remember, your wellbeing is the priority.

Hope that you are feeling better.

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