Feeling ill and amerdripline tablets

Hiya everyone . Looking for some advice . I’ve come off amerdripalne ( can’t spell it ) hope u know what I mean . I was on 10 mg . Once at night . I took half of it and then stopped it all together over week . This week I feel so poorly last few days my legs are killing me , feel so tired . But I don’t think it’s from stopping that tablet . Feel faint and dizzy today so I had some fanta pop . After that drink I felt so much better . Could it be my blood sugar ? Went low last year and my hormone balance was bit out . Thyroid was border line on my last test . What you think guys ?

Sounds like you need to check your sugar and thyroid levels hun.

Why have you stopped taking what I think you mean…amitriptyline?

I`ve been on it since 2000. It is brill at stopping my nerve pain.


Yeah went doc this morning . Got have test Wednesday . I stopped taking it as it was making me very moody . Got nerve pain now since u stopped taking it though . Feel more relaxed for not taking it . Been on it for three years . I think after while they don help u as much . Hoping I will be ok now . Thank you for chatting really helps . Hope you are well as can be x

why don’t you ask for other neuropathic painkillers?

i take amitrityline, gabapentin and tizanidine

carole x

I’m taking 100 mg pregablin twice a day . See what these tests come back as now . Thanks Hun xxx