feeling full?

does anyone have problems feeling satisfied when they have eaten, therefore eating more to try and get that feeling but it never seems to happen. what do I do I am supposed to be on Slimming World plan but have trouble keeping to it because of days like this


Hi, I suggest asking your SW consultant to check your food diary incase you`re not eating enough of the right types of food.


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My doc sent me for slimming world classes great I thought only trouble is I can’t stand still on the scales to register a weight , I can’t be the first person that has this problem how do they weigh people that can’t stand at all ? It all seems a load of boswelocks too me .

Are you on your period I can never to curb my appetite when they are in or near , perhaps eat more veg with your meals pasta and rice as well , for me personally I find the lack of fat of some kind in the plan can make the food seem bland and tasteless so you may not be enjoying the taste as much as before .

Stick with it as I know a lot of people have lost a lot of weight with this plan.


Hum, could it be psychological lol…an excuse to eat a bit more ha ha. Just kidding. You need to eat foods which will fill you for longer, so you do have that full feeling, perhaps you are denying yourself too much.

I have sent you a link via Private Message of 12 foods that are healthy and good on a slimming diet, but will help you say full for longer. xx

Hi Katy, i went to SW a couple of years ago, with my sis. The consultant tried to weigh me by me quickly lifting my bum out of my wheelchair whilst she put the scales underneath me. It didn’t register, so I couldn’t be weighed.

But she let me attend classes for free. I lost about 2.5 stones in a year.

I don’t know how else they weigh folk?


i can stand still luckily, think you need to get weighed on a chair weighing machine thingy, lovely lady who does the weighing holds my hand gently to help me balance as i step onto scale. Have to laugh as if i lost balance she wouldnt be holding me firmly enough to help, luckily my partner is there and i hold onto the table while I step on. I have a Breville Halo+ healthy fryer and can do brilliant chips with 1 teaspoon of oil and occasionally have countrylife light butter spread on toast

Had a bad day that day in the end

was just concerned incase there might be something MSey that may affect that satisfied feeling