Feeling edgy and paranoid about WCA

There is nothing anybody can do but I am finding this forum a good safe place to talk about niggly things.

I have become edgy an paranoid. I KNOW it is irrational but knowing something doesn’t stop you feeling its effects.

I went to my GP a couple of weeks ago for. Medication review. A couple of days late I got the WCA forms from the DWP. In my mind the GP must have told them I’m OK and to send me an assessment form…rubbish!

Yesterday I got a junk email telling me I will receive daily job alerts and wishing me good luck with my job search…WHAT!

I have been wondering if the DWP have been spying on me …but so what if they have, all they will see is somebody in a specially adapted wheelchair with the controls on the left because my right arm is too weak.

Tell me I’m just paranoid…I know I am but WCA’s do this to you!

Anne x

Yes you are being a bit paranoid. But I think that everybody on here will sympathise with how you feel.

Remember, the DWP are a bunch of *@&$ and will keep sending you forms about your capability to work until you are in the grave - or beyond if they can!

The email could be a number of things. You might have been on a recruitment site in the past and they have your email address in the system. It could be a speculative email from a company that has purchased your email address and is trying to drum up trade. It could be a scam where crooks are trying to get your personal details (lots of useful details for crooks in a CV )

It might even be a genuine mistake. I use more than 1 email address. One is the one I use for “formal” emailsI like it because it is a really good email, it looks professional and it is very simple - just my surname and the email company (ie surname@XXXXX.com). I have had it since 1997. Unfortunately, although my surname is quite unusual, I am not the only person who has it and some people are not very careful about filling in forms and some companies sometimes put the wrong/partial address in their system so I get emails intended for firstname.surname@XXXXX.com that miss off the firstname part of the address. At least once a month I get personal emails intended for other people (I have had details of someone’s salary and invitations to birthday parties and lots more!)

If it is clearly a real personal email I will send a quick reply to the sender saying that this is the wrong address.

Otherwise, I will ignore unsolicited emails - it makes life a lot more calm. (The “spam trap” is your email friend.)

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Hi Anne

Yes, I agree with Boblatina, you are being a tad paranoid. If I got an email suggesting something about a job search, I’d immediately flag it as junk and ignore it. And if you think your GP would actually do something proactive, then you have an exceptionally hard working, not to mention interfering busybody of a GP. And the DWP would probably wait until they’ve seen your WCA form before spying on you, ie. in order to prove a person is fraudulent, they have to have made a statement claiming something that is then proven (by eg. spying, which is by the way unlikely as they don’t need to do this to refuse you!) to be false.

I doubt that there is any connection whatsoever.

Meanwhile, concentrate on the fact that you’ve been sent a WCA form. You should either get some help completing this, from the CAB, DIAL, other welfare rights advisor; or if you’re doing it alone (which I doubt if you’re right handed), by joining http://www.benefitsandwork.co.uk/ Don’t forget, whichever route you take, to get a photocopy of the form before you send it off.

Now stop worrying about it.



Thank you Sue…DIAL are doing my form on the 24th. Yes I m right handed and my left hand won’t take over.

Thank you, yes I know you ate right!