Feeling down

hello all

diagnosed with the beast 3yrs 2months ago, i had 2yrs off mobility problems before i even thought about going seeing my GP, when i did go to see him was sent for mri scan then lumber puncture, within 2months i was diagnosed with RRMS, my problems now are, i use a foot brace on my left as i have foot drop, when sleeping i get well it feels like cramp from my hip to toes, my right ankle is starting to throb at night, so both legs feeling the beast now, my right arm has gone so so heavy, feels like i am carrying something, if i try to use my right arm, within 20-30 seconds the pins n needles start, i just get used to dropping things these days, about 6months ago i went through a stage of wetting myself, not a lot but enough to cause a damp patch, Thanks to members on this site giving me the courage to talk about it, now i am not bothered and i wear pads and forget i am wearing them. i still don,t know if i have had a relapse or just PPMS

I was refused PIP, 4 points for mobility n 2 points for daily living, idiots.i had my appeal, won daily living component, n still got 4 points for mobility, my MS specialist helped me by writing a supporting letter which on it read,

Investigations including helped brain scan and spinal tap confirmed the diagnosis of MS, which seems to be primary progressive MS. over the years he has not had significant relapses but his symptoms have deteriorated slowly.

wow. feel better just by getting things of my chest, has taken a couple off hours thou, lol

Big thanks for reading

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Oh please, hope you are feeling a little bit more perky tomorrow, I rely on you for my jokes and laughs off of this site. Apologies that sounds really selfish:-( but I do hope that things improve for you.

Apologies wrong person, but still hope things look up for you soon.

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Chin up Bob - the nature of the beast but we keep fighting…

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