... feeling down

I just got told I have secondry MS now.

I still don’t get any support from ESA. So living off DLA alone…

Wondered what to expect with secondry? Do I have a right to ESA support group now…

i dont know much about secondms. all i can say is dont feel down it is just another blow to cope with.

sure you will manage.



I to was recently told that I had SPMS and not RRMS, I’m afraid I can’t give you any advice with regards to ESA as I don’t know exactly what it is. Now you have mentioned it I will have to look into it.

Keep as well as you can.




Sorry about your dx to SP but it’s just a name. I’ve been SP for about 3 years now – life goes on.

As for ESA I’m afraid the dx probably won’t make much difference. In theory it should because you are not going to get well and work again which makes the WRAG ridiculous. However lots of people with progressive illnesses are failing to get into the support group. It would be a good point to raise at tribunal. But you would still need to meet the criteria for getting into the support group because I suppose someone could be SP and still able to walk or do those other things.