Feel so alone

I’m new here, so Hello everyone.

I’m from Turkey and I have MS for two years.

My family supports me anytime. They are really love me and I love them.

but I can’t say this for my friends. They are so rude and they couldn’t understand me. I don’t understand why.

Beside, boys are very rude. They are lying me all the time. I’m very afraid to fall in love.

and when I’m very upset, I’m having an MS attack.

I hope I can tell myself truly and I hope to introduce myself correctly. Because my English is not very good

hello your english isn’t bad. is it your girl friends who are being rude? boys being rude? i agree that stressful situations makes symptoms far worse. avoid people and situations that cause you stress.

I must say your English is brilliant.

You have already shown great courage by posting on here.

You will meet other friends who admire you for what you are. We are all strong people.


Merhaba Nageyildiz,

I’m sorry but that is the only word of Turkish I know. Your English is very good. Are you in England or Turkey? I think your ‘friends’ don’t know anything about MS but your family are very important and it’s wonderful that they are there for you. Like catwomancarol said avoid stressful situations, you deserve better.

We are all your friends on this forum and you can ask us anything.

Tippy x

Thank you for replying me.

My close friends (boys and girls) very rude. Also, my ex boyfriends… They are very rude to me.

you are right. I should avoid situations and people who create stress. We should.

Aww thank you for your support. I will be happy to meet all the friends. I’m not very brave but I’m tryin’ to be. You are right, we are all strong people. Thank you again and nice to meet you Steve

Merhaba Tippy ,

Türkçe kelime kullandığın için teşekkür ederim. (Thank you for using Turkish word )

I don’t think it’s good but I’m trying to talk. I’m in Turkey, İstanbul. Thank you all cause all of you are gave me a courage. we are all deserve the best.

Do you have good MS doctors in Istanbul? I really hope so.

Tippy x

Yes we have but sometimes it’s hard to reach doctors. They are busy all the time. But it’s OK. They are still helpful and polite.

Hi Nageyildiz, Welcome to the forum. Hope you find it helpful. There are a lot of nice people on here who will be able to offer support and information. Sue xx

Thank you Sue

I’m glad to meet nice people.