Feel like such a bad mum :0(

Afternoon all,

sorry to be such a misery but am feeling pretty low today, so tired and dizzy (a new symptom for me). I have a 16 month old and just feel such a crap mum… only have his family around here, which tbh are more hassle than they are worth with regards to looking after her…not a bloody clue!!

Any advice?! :0)

Oh love, it really saddens me when I read about young folk, with young children , who should be enjoying life, rather than struggling like you are.

This in law family of your’s…do they know how poorly you are? Does your hubby help? You have to let it be known that you need assistance.

Some folk can’t see what’s staring them in the face. Once they realise, they often want to do all they can.

And what grandma would pass up a chance to spend time with grandchildren?

I doubt you are a crap mum at all! You just need help and good quality help.

Please let them know, yeh?

Love pollx

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Thanks lovely, You are right…they just think i get tired…and don’t understand M.S at all. To be fair tho i don’t like asking for help…well, i find it difficult to ask really…

I like your comment “young folk”!!! i wish…40 next year!! :0)

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Haha…young folk! I started a lot younger than you. I was 2 weeks off 20 when I had my first baby and 25 when the second came along.

I’m 63 now and have grandchildren ages. …almost 18, two at 14 and the youngest is 7.

Don’t forget to ask for that help. Your in laws might be afraid of offending you by asking if they can help.

Just imagine how lovely it would be if they had your little one overnight! Bliss! I loved it, knowing my babies were in good hands and I could have a rest.

Love Granny Poll x

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hi emya

i’m really sad that you are feeling so low.

but what children really want is a mummy who spends time with them.

so look again at yourself - how many cuddles do you give?

how many stories do you read to your children?

how much time do you spend playing?

i’m sure you now realise that you are a good mum.

carole x


Fatigue is a bit of a monster, unless you’ve experienced it, it is very hard to understand. To help you and your family I think you should try to explain just how unwell you can feel. It may be difficult but might mean that friends and family can cut you some slack when needed.

No one likes to ask for help but there are times when the awkwardness or embarrassment are outweighed by the benefit. It is a tough one to learn and I still struggle but I find it can be useful when I need to budget my energy for higher priority stuff. I also think that if someone asked me for help I would do my best to help out. I would like to think that most people would be the same.

All the best Mick