Feel like I've been thrown through a bus window

Hi, I hope someone can give me some advice as I don’t know where to turn. I was diagnosed with RR MS last October due to a major relapse, which luckily I recovered from in full. In the past 6 months I’ve had leg spasms & fatigue which I take Amitriptyline for. I’m still working 40hrs a week which I find exhausting so rest as much as possible at the weekends. The problem is that I’ve felt myself slowly going downhill & on Friday I thought I was going to collapse at work. I have flu like symptoms and I feel like I’ve been thrown through a bus window - my back, legs and feet feel badly bruised or broken. My GP has increased my Amitriptyline from 20gm to 30gm at night. Has anyone else had these symptoms and do you have any advise for making them go away?

I’ve been turned down for DLA and need to get back to work asap.

Thank you

hello. I know how painful spasms can be. But as far as I am aware amitriptyline doesn`t work to ease these pains.

A commonly used med for spasms and spasticity is baclofen.

I am on both drugs and have been for many years.

I was originally given amitriptyline for severe nerve pain in my rear thighs and bum cheeks.

I began on 25mg and went up to 100mg before it zapped the awful pains. I now take 75mg at night.

i take 30mg baclofen at night…have been up as high as 70mg…but it can have side effects such as no bladder control or legs too weak for transfers. Most folk on baclofen, have to find their own dosage level. Docs usually tell you to try to find your own tolerable amount.

You are working a lot of hours, is there any chance you could reduce them? I am sorry to hear you were turned down for DLA. perhaps you should appeal. Many folk have to do this I`m afraid.

Hopefully, some of this will be of help.

Look after yourself.

luv Pollx


Working 40hrs a week would floor me too. Do you think you are at the start of a relapse,or have you checked if you have got an infection which is throwing your symptoms into overdrive?

From the work angle, have you discussed with them making reasonable adjustments to your duties/role to make it easier for you ?..they are legally obliged to do that.

I too gave up with the benefits people when my work occy health were pensionning me out due to ill health but ATOS say I dont even have limited capability for work. I imagine you are now hugely stressed because of it and worrying about paying your bills…which again sends your symptoms into overdrive.

If you are off sick at the moment could you claim ESA to give you at least something ? …as you know when your MonSter demands rest and relaxation he has a good way of enforcing it.

Is it also a time to consider your home/work balance because if you are permanently too exhausted to do anything you want to do at weekends you are running yourself into the ground. This is not said because I dont have money worries because mine are significant due to my pension from work not been sorted and not getting ESA,but my general wellbeing has improved significantly.

I hope you start feeling better soon,but if you go to the gp to rule out an infection he could maybe give you something to help with the new pains.

Take care


Hi, I have MS symptoms, but not been diagnoised. I have not worked since Nov 11, went back in April 12. However it was too much…I really dont know how you work 40hrs, with fatigue and heat I would be knocked out!!!

My job is aNURSERY NURSE, which is a full on job!!! I cant do that anymore. The way I have been feeling has taken its toll, and even the way I look has changed. I hope you can sort things out.


Thank you for your advise which is much appreciated. I’m waiting for a blood test later in the week which will hopefully make the situation clearer and the GP can help me out with the correct meds (I’ll mention baclofen). I’ve had mouth ulcers for a few weeks which tends to happen when I’m run down.

I could reduce my hours at work to 30hrs a week but will still have to fit 40hrs of work into 30hrs - for a drop in salary; which I’m not prepared to do. I’ve been looking for a part-time job but no luck as yet (a sign of the times I guess but I’ll keep looking).

My job is office based so not physically strenuous but it still wears me out enough to cancel most social events at the weekends and my kids have learnt to keep themselves occupied.

I didn’t realise MS was going to drag on so long. I honestly thought I’d had an episode, almost fully recovered and would get less fatigued as time went on… what was I thinking!! It’s been almost 12 months and I feel I’m back at the begining again.

Fingers crossed the blood test & GP will sort things out.

Thanks again.

P x