Feel like I'm going mad...

Hi everyone, I’m Caroline from Perthshire, Scotland. I’ve had issues with fatigue, blurred vision, nerve pain and more going on 4 years. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my hips and hypothyroidism, so as far as my GP was concerned, problem solved. But despite treatment for low thyroid function, I’m still having symptoms. Each visit to my GP they blamed my pain on my being overweight and I was told “this is all in your hands, we want you off all this pain medication”. They went so far as to withhold prescriptions. So I started to feel like I was going mad, am I imagining all this? Last week I registered with a new GP and next week I’m meeting her to discuss all this and get a fresh perspective on it. My fear is my thyroid symptoms have masked MS. I hope she is a little more understanding and willing to explore this with me. My last GP was reluctant to refer me to any hospital department, so I’m hoping this time will be a different experience. I’d love to hear how you started your diagnosis conversations with your GPs. Thanks for reading! Caroline

Hi Caroline…my talks with my GP were quite simple really. I told her I was falling and walking was a hre with my left leg. She didn’t hesitate to refer me to a neuro. Thyroid problems can cause a lot of odd symptoms too. Hashimoto version of it affects my daughter. I hope your new GP is more helpful. Bouds x

Hi. Caroline. I also had problems with my dr. I got fed up of him fobbing me off and sending me away I changed to another who listens to me and takes me seriously. Having a good dr makes all the difference.