feel like i might b making a fuss.

Having had orbital and spinal mri showing lesions, buzzing sensation from waist down which has now come into hands and lower arms. My lips feel numb today and I have 2 focus ny eyes as they feel lazy. Could I be imagining it after reading up about it on here? The doc said I should let her know if the symptoms have changed. None of my symptoms ate really bad or stopping me from doin anything that isn’t strenuous so should I wait until they are b4 seeing doc? I sound like a hypochondriac .

Did the extra stuff happen today or did it come on over a period of time (days/weeks)? If it happened today, then I’d wait and see if it was still there tomorrow. If it was, then I’d tell the doc. If it’s come on over some time, then I’d tell the doc. There ain’t no way you’re a hypochondriac - no one can create lesions by imagining them - so don’t worry about that. I think we are all a bit sensitive to our bodies and notice things that perhaps other people wouldn’t. But if the things we notice don’t go away, then they are very probably real! Karen x

If you are noticing something, then belike it is happening. Like Karen said wait a day or two and if they don’t settle or abate go see your doctor. I find that in situations like yours when my body is throwing up all sorts of new/unexpected behavious that keeping a symptom diary is a good idea. You can then look back over a few days notes and have a more blanaced picture. The diary is also v. useful as notes to take to the medics; you read out your findings and then give them a copy for their records - that way they get the full picture and you aren’t kicking yourself afterwards when you realise you forgot to mention x,y or z Don’t wait until they get worse, that is counterproductive! Take care Clarexxx