Feel Cold

Crazy or what? I am sitting here with a cardigan on and feeling cold two workmen have sweat dripping off them and Heather keeps looking at me as if I am mad, after 36 years she must know the answer by now

My feet and knees are always cold but this iis my trunk and arms as well today plus nose and ears. Grrrr I am falling apart

Don have you by any chance got an infection? A fever will make you feel cold. Might be worth sending a urine specimen in to your gp surgery just in case. Take 2 paracetamol, if they make you feel less cold it’s probably a fever. I’m also sensitive to cold but even I’m sweltering at the moment.

Cath xx

Cath has made a very good point Don,best get it checked out.

Enjoy the football Come on England

Pam x

Ditto Cath, hope you feel better soon

Sonia x

Hello Don,

It is absolutely crazy isn’t it? My top half is usually ok and my legs are like ice. A few years ago I was wheeled round Cambridge on a bitterly cold November 29th. My grandmother used to talk about the cold striking your bones-on that day (my birthday) I knew exactly what she meant. And now…my legs are like that all the time!

Best wishes, Steve.

Thanks folks something went through me I felt sick and now been in bed twenty four hours straight. Got up had shower back to bed I knew if I went downstairs I was courting trouble so discretion the better part of valor. Night I am going to try some more sleep.that ME a very sleepy Don.

Hope you feel better soon Don.

Cath xx

Hey Don, how’re you feeling today? A bit better I hope

On what I guess is the hottest day so far this year (hiding indoors), I seem to have gotten a head cold. Sat at coffee table with tea and tissues, rubbish!

Sonia x

Don, hope you’re feeling better. No more excruciating football matches to watch, just sit back and watch the other teams suffer!

Thanks folks, now Saturday and I am up and downstairs waiting for it to cool down before going to the beach hut at Westbrook. We have had a beach hut for over 25 years and last year handed it over to one of our daughter to carry on the tradition. I cant get down to it anymore without a lot of assistance its on the sand and involves steps but as I have said elsewhere I still cause chaos talking to anyone who will listen or even stray dogs and lamp posts

Heather is busy mowing the grass and getting some jobs done and then LUNCH I am starving as I missed all meals yesterday but doing much better today. Funny old game this MS Lark isnt it?


Glad you are feeling better today Don, still best to take it easy though.

Enjoy the football today, no pressure for us now, so sad.

Pam x

Glad you are doing better Don. I too had a day in bed yesterday. Am up today though… sitting in Big Bertha… my recliner. Not much different from bed I suppose but it feels different! I’m not into football but was sorry to hear England’s out of the running. Pat xx

Hi Don, Glad to hear you are feeling better. At least England got to Brazil. Scotland never got near the place. Better luck next time!! Lucky you having a beach hut. Babysitting my granddaughter today. She is keeping me on my toes. It’s not very warm here today. Have a lovely weekend Mags xx

I actually got carried onto the sand by four burly blokes had fish and chips on the sand with my kids and grand children. THEN they carried me back up

Don, do they still have the wheelchairs with big tyres for going on the beach on Thanet? We had a reunion of old friends down there last September. We had a barn conversion in Chislet. Ruth found out about these beach chairs, so we went over to Minnis Bay to see if I could hire one. The warden told us that the chairs had been put into winter storage the day before. :frowning: Also that they were hardly ever used. Seems a shame. Wonder why they put them away on a Friday with a late summer weekend coming up?

Yes Kev they do I have pictures of me in one on my PROMOTE THANET blog they are good but hard work for the pusher. My daughter had their wedding blessed on the beach and I was in one that day GREAT BITS OF KIT